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Community websites are becoming more and more common - what better way to let people know about you than to promote yourself online? Some characteristics to include on a community website include:

  • Attractive pictures of your town - make people want to visit!
  • Brief city / county history
  • A relatively detailed community profile complete with demographic, tax, education, and government information.
  • Contact information on relevant public services such as police, fire, and utilities
  • Information on public officials such as the mayor or city councils
  • A list of all information a tourist may need, including hotels in the area, places to eat, and local attractions. Make sure to include phone numbers!
In short, visitors to a community site should be able to find the information they need quickly and efficiently - whether it's a contact number, information about the community, or a reason to visit and / or relocate there.

Check out some of the community websites in Oklahoma below and see which features you like and dislike.

Researchers at OSU, Nebraska, and Tennessee obtained a grant in 2009 from the Southern Rural Development Center to create an educational program that helps small communities to develop their own webpage.This material will be available from the SRDC's e-commerce site ( sometime during 2011.

For help in developing a community website, contact your local county extension office. A list of the county offices can be found here