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Have you heard the saying, "If you can't pencil a profit, you aren't likely to plow one."? Enterprise budgets estimate profitability for agricultural enterprises while documenting management practices and the resources and technology used. OSU's new Microsoft Excel budget spreadsheets provide users access to important agricultural science information during an "interactive" budget building process.

What is OSU Enterprise Budget Software?

OSU Enterprise Budgets are based on Excel spreadsheet software. The spreadsheets are designed to provide a planning and educational tool that contains estimates of production costs and returns based on the current and/or expected economic environment as well as the management practices typical of an area.

A one-page budget report summarizes key production items and prices, operating and fixed costs, plus break-even prices and yields. Supporting reports, such as fertilization or feeding practices specified, may also be printed (see report examples).

The software provides users access to important agricultural references during an "interactive" budget-building process. It incorporates historical data and specialist recommendations while allowing modification by the user. Examples of historical data include area yields and average prices. Examples of specialist recommendations include fertilizer requirements for specified forage or grain yields. Links to Internet databases and references point users to additional information.

In addition to estimating the full economic costs and returns for an agricultural production activity, OSU enterprise budget software may also be used to generate cash flow budget files for Integrated Farm Financial Statements (IFFS) 2000 software. This compatibility provides an integral link to whole farm and ranch financial statements and plans.

Enterprise Budget Software Package includes:

  • Budget files for the following traditional crop and livestock commodities:

  • -- Alfalfa -- Cow-calf -- Rye
    -- Annual Forages -- Grain Sorghum -- Soybeans
    -- Barley -- Meat Goats -- Stockers
    -- Canola -- Oats -- Stocker Goats
    -- Corn -- Peanuts -- Sunflowers
    -- Corn Silage -- Perennial Forages -- Wheat
    -- Cotton    

  • And horticulture:

  • -- Blackberries -- Improved Pecans -- Peaches
    -- Blueberries -- Native Pecans -- Watermelon
    -- Grapes    

  • An instruction manual file in Microsoft Word (hardcopies are also available).

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (for CD-Rom users).

  • OSU Extension publication references in Adobe Acrobat PDF format (for CD-Rom users).