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Sample Oklahoma Enterprise Budget Summaries

The crop and livestock enterprise budget files listed below are cost and return summaries only. Some are offered in both PDF and editable Excel format. The PDF files were created separately from OSU Enterprise Budget Software. The Excel files are essentially “simple” budget summaries that allow producers to quickly customize for their operations. However, they do not include the advanced interactive budget building features found in the Enterprise Budget Software package (described here).

Information contained in budget samples reflect expected income and costs based on typical production practices and should only be used as a guide. Individuals should use farm records to identify values specific to their land productive capabilities and farming system when determining the potential costs and returns for their operations.


Production Activity    PDF   Excel
Cow-Calf - Spring Calving, 210 Day Weaning          
Cow-Calf - Fall Calving, 285 Day Weanin     
Meat Goats          
Stockers - Steers, Small Grains Pasture          
Stocker Goats – Male Kids, Native Pasture          


Production Activity    PDF   Excel
Generic Non-specific Crop
Alfalfa Hay- Large Square Bale
Annual Forage - Sudan Hay, Large Round Bale
Barley - Low Tillage, Grain Only          
Canola - Conventional     
Canola - Roundup Ready          
Corn - Conventional Tillage, Continuous     
Corn - Conventional Tillage, Continuous, Irrigated     
Corn - Low Till, Crop Rotation          
Corn - Low Till, Crop Rotation, Irrigated     
Corn - No Till, Continuous     
Corn - No Till, Continuous, Irrigated     
Corn - No Till Crop Rotation     
Corn - No Till Crop Rotation, Irrigated     
Corn Silage - Conventional Tillage, Continuous     
Corn Silage - Low Till, Crop Rotation          
Corn Silage - No Till, Continuous     
Corn Silage - No Till, Crop Rotation     
Cotton - Conventional Tillage, Continuous     
Cotton - Conventional Tillage, Continuous, Irrigated     
Cotton - Row Till, Continuous          
Cotton - Row Till, Continuous, Irrigated     
Grain Sorghum - Conventional Tillage, Continuous     
Grain Sorghum - Low Till, Crop Rotation          
Grapes - Hybrid          
Grapes - American     
Grapes - Vinifera     
Improved Pecans          
Native Pecans          
Oats - Spring, Low Tillage, Grain Only          
Peanuts - Conventional Tillage     
Peanuts - No Till     
Peanuts - Row Till          
Perennial Forage - Bermuda Hay, Large Round Bale          
Perennial Forage - Bermuda Pasture          
Rye - Low Tillage, Grain & Pasture          
Sesame – No Till          
Soybeans - Conventional Tillage, Continuous     
Soybeans - Low Till, Continuous     
Soybeans - Low Till, Crop Rotation          
Soybeans - No Till, Continuous     
Soybeans - No Till, Crop Rotation     
Sunflowers – No Till, Crop Rotation          
Wheat - Conventional Tillage, Continuous, Grain & Pasture     
Wheat - Conventional Tillage, Continuous, Grain & Pasture, Irrigated     
Wheat - Low Till, Crop Rotation, Grain & Pasture          
Wheat - Low Till, Crop Rotation, Grain & Pasture, Irrigated     
Wheat - No Till, Continuous, Grain and Pasture     
Wheat - No Till, Continuous, Grain & Pasture, Irrigated     

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