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Oct 17, 2017
Mike Mayberry and Dr. Damona Doye
Producers considering changes to their operation in these challenging times can learn about available resources to help them evaluate their options. In this webinar, Mike Mayberry discussed ways the Oklahoma Ag Mediation Program can assist producers in trying to reach realistic, durable solutions to the challenges of debt or not qualifying for USDA and other lenders and creditors programs. Dr. Damona Doye discussed IFMAPS, which is a service that provides financial analysis and planning to producers looking at making changes to their operations. She also highlighted e-Farm Management resources and the online FSA Borrower Training opportunity.
(Ag Mediation -PDF)

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Oct 3, 2017
Dr. Kim Anderson
Increased crop production and exports by developing countries have reduced export demand and therefore the prices of U.S. grains. Trends were presented and the potential on Oklahoma Agriculture was presented
(Grain Markets – Developing Countries- PPT)

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Sep 19, 2017
Dr. Damona Doye
Benchmarks or comparison targets can come from inside a business or from sources outside of the business. In this webinar, Dr. Damona Doye discussed sources for benchmark data and how to use benchmarks to better analyze farm performance with examples for cow/calf and wheat cost of production plus family living expenses.
(Farm/Ranch Benchmarking - PPT)

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