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October 13, 2016
Dr. Damona Doye and Roger Sahs
Damona Doye discussed proven strategies that reduce costs and/or increase revenues which enhance profits in cow-calf enterprises. and Roger Sahs provided an update of land values for both crop and pasture lands throughout Oklahoma.
(Low Hanging Fruit Offers Profits to Cow-Calf Producers - PPT)
(Land Values 2016 - PPT)

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September 27, 2016
Dr. Damona Doye and Dr. Phil Kenkel
Damona Doye discussed cow-calf costs of production and how we as extension educators can help Oklahoma producers evaluate and fine tune their operations in the current economic environment and the resources available to help. Phil Kenkel presented the current economic trends that are the driving force behind farm consolidations in Oklahoma as well as the nation.
(Cow Calf COP & Financial Tuning -PPT)
(Trends driving farm consolidation -PPT)

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July 13, 2016
Dr. Kim Anderson and Sara Siems
Dr. Kim Anderson covered the current U.S. and World market outlook and situation for wheat, corn, grain sorghum, canola, and soybeans. and Sara Siems provided information about the upcoming 2016 Statewide Women in Ag Conference.
(Kim Anderson Grain Situation -PPT)
(Sara Siems Women in Ag - PPT)

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