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February 14, 2017
Dr. Damona Doye and Dr. Rodney Jones
In this webinar, Dr. Rodney Jones and Dr. Damona Doye will provide an overview of the current financial situation in agriculture in general, and specifically in Oklahoma. They will explore how the extended period of low commodity prices and tighter margins is impacting financial performance and position on farms, and discuss what lenders are observing and how they are responding. They will also discuss the impacts on farm real estate (and other asset) values, and explore factors that will impact the financial picture in agriculture in the future.
(Farm Finance Outlook- PPT)

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February 8, 2017
Drs. Larry Sanders and Dr. Dave Shideler
Drs. Larry Sanders and Dave Shideler evaluated the post-election economy. Are we dancing the 2-Step or the Cotton-Eyed Joe?
(Macroecon Implications -PPT)

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January 12, 2017
Dr. Brian Whitacre
Dr. Brian Whitacre’s presentation focused on technology trends across Oklahoma’s counties, including broadband and smartphone use by households. We also reviewed several new extension outputs and programs geared towards getting historically disconnected people online.
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