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Oct 9,2018
Dr. Rodney Jones
In a time when many producers are facing increased financial stress, the need also exists for additional knowledge and information to help navigate these financial challenges. In this video, Extension Economist Rodney Jones discussed resources, tools, and tips to address financial concerns and challenges caused by lower commodity prices and the drop in farm incomes.
(Managing in Tough Times-PPT)

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Sep 28, 2018
Dr. Larry Sanders
Dr. Larry Sanders provided an update of the economic meltdown that occurred in September of 2008 and compared that time period to the current economy to the economic conditions that existed 10 years ago. He presented a broad view of the events of then versus now and provided food for thought about the future for the US economy.
(Great Recession of 2018 lsanders-PPT)

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Sep 26, 2018
James Arati
James provides advice on how to frame risk management for small producers, describes 5 major areas of risk management, and offers suggestions on how to mitigate those risks. He also points educators to resources available through him to assist small scale producers in your county. You can also refer clients (small scale producers or other small businesses) to James directly through the OK Small Business Development Center website: and select OSU Extension as the center.
Note: The watch the video link below is an audio only file; please use the PPT slides to follow along.
(Risk Management-PPT)

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