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3/06 Track Records with an LLC Presentation

3/06 Touchstone Energy Presentation

3/06 Economics of Cooperative Cooperating Presentation

3/06 Designing an LLC Presentation

3/06 CHS Country Energy Presentation

3/06 Advanced Board Meeting

3/05 Who Will Retire Presentation

3/05 Organizing Policies Presentation

3/05 How Do Oklahoma Coops Manage Capital Presentation

3/05 Financial Mgmt. Toolbox

3/05 Evaluating the General Mgr. Presentation

3/05 Evaluating the Board of Directors Presentation

3/05 Equity Report Base Capital Presentation

3/05 Equity Management Budget

3/05 Directors Competencies for the 21st Century

3/05 Developing your Equity Mgmt. Budget

3/05 Developing Your Equity Mgmt. Budget

3/05 Critical Issues Facing Cooperatives

3/05 Cleaning Up Equity Records Presentation

3/05 Can Cooperatives Pay Dividends Presentation

3/05 Business and Strategic Planning Presentation

3/05 Building the Mgmt. Team Presentation

3/05 Board Meeting

3/05 Advanced Board Meeting

3/04 Board Meeting

3/04 Advanced Board Meeting

11/05- Effective Board Decision Making Presentation

11/05- Directors Legal Liabilites Presentation

11/05- Director Competencies for the 21st Century Presentation

11/05 Understanding Your Business Environment Presentation

11/05 Understanding your Business Environment Presentation

11/05 Manager Director Survey

11/05 Impact of Fuel, Fertilizer and Crop Patterns Presentation

11/05 Fertilizer and Fuel Prices Presentation

11/05 Effective Board Meeting Presentation

11/05 Developing Budgets Presentation

11/05 Board Meeting

11/05 Advanced Board Meeting

11/04 What to ask the Auditor Presentation

11/04 Developing Financial Goals Presentation

11/04 Developing Budgets Presentation

11/04 Board Meeting

11/04 Advanced Board Meeting