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Stronger economies together is a multi-county planning process designed to build upon existing regional assets and strengths, address regional vulnerabilities, and connect communities and leadership together across the region. The process follows a national curriculum developed by the Southern Rural Development Center and the Purdue Center for Regional Development with funding from USDA-Rural Development (USDA-RD). The only cost to the region is the time allocated by participants, since USDA-RD provides funding to cover the travel/time of the facilitation team, training materials and assist with meeting costs.

The core curriculum consists of the Civic Forum plus four additional sessions, as listed below. Meetings are typically 4 hours long, and each culminates with a 30/30 discussion: what has been accomplished in the past 30 days, and what will be accomplished in the next 30 days.

After completion of the core sessions, regions will have a rough plan for economic development. Regions are encouraged to polish these plans into a cohesive document and submit it for review by peer regions and/or faciltators from around the country (over 50 regions have participated in SET since it began in 2009). Completing the plan review process results in seed funding to the region; additionally, approved plans also qualify regions to receive prioritization on USDA and EDA grant applications that contribute toward the completion of the approved plan.

There are additional sessions regions can pursue; these supplemental modules cover specific development opportunities (e.g., Local Food Systems or Tourism) and development strategies (e.g., business retention and expansion or entrepreneurship). Regions opt to pursue these modules if appropriate.

Region Map:

Civic Forum, February 4, 2016
Indian Capital Technology Center, Stilwell


  • SET Overview
  • Regional Data Snapshot
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Summary of Comments

  • Session 1: Overview and Regional Data Exploration, March 23, 2016
    Cherokee Nation Casino, W. Siloam Springs

  • Regional Data Snapshot (including industry cluster data)
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Summary of Comments

  • Session 2: More Data Exploration & Strategy Identification, May 6, 2016
    Talking Leaves Job Corp Training Site, Tahlequah

  • Regional Data Snapshot (updated April 10, 2016)
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Summary of Comments

  • Session 3:Evidence Based Planning, June 17, 2016, Carl Albert State College Stites Room, Sallisaw

  • Agriculture, Food Processing and Technology Cluster
  • Arts, Entertainment, Recreation and Visitor Services Cluster (a.k.a., Tourism)
  • Biomedical/Biotechnology Cluster
  • Sample Industry Interview Questions
  • PowerPoint Slides

  • Summary of Comments
  • Cluster analysis to identify industrial opportunities
  • Cluster strategies to enhance the cluster

  • Session 4: Connecting Capitals August 19, 2016, Indian Capital Technology Center, Stilwell

  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Draft Goal Statements
  • Identified Assets

  • Session 5: Finalizing the Plan October 4, 2016, Jay Community Center, Jay, OK

  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Final Goal Statements
  • Homework

  • For each goal you are comfortable working with, please use the linked worksheets above to identify strategies and action steps to achieve each. Bring your worksheets with you to our next meeting or email/fax them to

    Session 6: Finalizing the Plan (continued), October 14, 2016, Armory Municipal Complex, Tahlequah

  • PowerPoint Slides

  • Additional Resources
  • Northeastern Oklahoma Ecosystem Briefing (September 2014; from OK Commerce)
  • Eastern Oklahoma Ecosystem Briefing (May 2014; from OK Commerce)
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