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Welcome to the OSU Ag Econ Databank!

This site serves as the central repository and distribution kiosk of digital data and information as well as tools that are of general importance to the research, teaching, extension, and professional needs of faculty, staff, students, and emeriti of the OSU Agricultural Economics Department.

This site is also linked to websites with large data holdings of significant relevance.

Available data downloads/links:

Title Description Data Format Contributor/Source
World Oil Balance World oil data Excel Kim Anderson
World Oil Consumption World oil data Excel Kim Anderson
World Oil Production World oil data Excel Kim Anderson
Oklahoma Rural Health Works A wealth of data on economics, health/behavior, education, traffic, and crime for Oklahoma counties. .pdf (Adobe) Fred Eilrich
Broadband Access in Oklahoma Broadband access in Oklahoma for 2003 and 2006, by zip code Excel Brian Whitacre
Base Acres Crop acreage in Oklahoma, (partial) Excel Damona Doye
Oil and Gas Prices Crude oil and gas prices and number of drilling rigs Excel Damona Doye
Market Share Calculator Market share calculator with fuel Excel Phil Kenkel

To sustain its growth and better serve its purpose, the OSU Ag Econ Databank requests data deposits from the OSU Ag Econ public and concerned users. As such, the OSU Ag Econ faculty, staff, students, and emeriti are the stewards and stakeholders of the databank. The life of the databank thus depends on the OSU Ag Econ public for their sustained and up-to-date data deposits.

Please help build the databank by sending in your valuable data. You will be doing a great, unselfish service by making your research, teaching, and extension data available to everyone thus cutting their search time and avoiding duplication of data creation efforts.

Please send the data files in digital format to the databank manager, Al Tongco. Received data sets may be reformatted for ease of storage, retrieval, management, distribution, and/or user-friendliness. Every effort shall be exercised to preserve the integrity of the original data.

If you have questions regarding data content, please contact the contributor. If you have questions and suggestions regarding data format and presentation, please contact

Al Tongco
501 Ag Hall