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Alternative Enterprise Basics

Alternative Enterprises: Profitability, Resources, Information points out business planning resources for producers contemplating a new venture. Alternative Enterprise Basics: Marketing, Enthusiasms, Risk looks at considerations when starting a new business or enterprise. Alternative Enterprise Basics: Oklahoma Regulations for Slaughter Facilities examines regulations for slaughter facilities in Oklahoma. Alternative Enterprise Basics: Small-Scale Poultry Production discusses starting a small poultry operation.

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 Alternative Enterprise Basics: Profitability, Resources, Information / (Audio)          PDF/ PPT
 Alternative Enterprise Basics: Marketing, Enthusiasms, Risk / (Audio)          PDF/ PPT
 Alternative Enterprise Basics: Oklahoma Regulations for Slaughter Facilities / (Audio)          PDF/ PPT
 Alternative Enterprise Basics: Small Scale Poultry Production / (Audio)          PDF/ PPT
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