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FSA Borrower Training

Producers seeking credit will complete 18 required topics for either crop or livestock producers as appropriate for their situation plus 7 additional modules (see table below). Participants must complete activities and pass subject-related quizzes to earn FSA Borrower Training credit. Please contact Brent Ladd ( or 405-744-6159) for a user id and password to access the online course in Canvas. Payment must be received in advance of the identification and password request. Payments can be made using a credit card. This outline is a suggested, but not required order to view topics. Producers may view topics in any order they desire.

Registered Users

Registered users may access the course here.

Financial Management Modules Crop Producer Livestock Producer
Developing a Farm Business Plan Required Required
Farm Records Required Required
Farm/Ranch Balance Sheet Required Required
Farm Cash Flow Required Required
Farm Income Statement Required Required
Evaluating Farm Financial Performance Using Farm Financial Ratios Required Required
Enterprise Budgets Required Required
Borrowing Money Required Required
Financing a Farm Required Required
Developing Equitable Lease Arrangements Required Required
Tax Issues for Farmers Required Required
Crop Modules Crop Producer Livestock Producer
Crop insurance and NAP Required Optional
Grain Production Basics Required Optional
Grain Marketing Required Optional
Commodity Farm Programs Required Optional
Livestock Modules Crop Producer Livestock Producer
Livestock Insurance, Livestock Indemnity, and Livestock Forage Programs Optional Required
Basics of Cow/calf Production Optional Required
Livestock Marketing Optional Required
Pasture and Range Management Optional Required
Other Modules Crop Producer Livestock Producer
Landowner Rights Optional Optional
Alternative Enterprise Basics Optional Optional
Considerations for Urban Agriculture Optional Optional
Value-added Livestock Marketing Optional Optional
Goat Production Basics Optional Optional
Horticulture Production Basics Optional Optional
What the OSU County Extension Office Offers Optional Optional
IFMAPS Optional Optional
Grants for Farm Projects Optional Optional
Farm/Ranch Conservation Issues Required Required
Risk in Agriculture Required Required
Legal Issues for Farmers/Ranchers Required Required
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