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Evaluating Farm Financial Performance Using Farm Financial Ratios

Learn about farm financial ratios, how to calculate these ratios, using benchmarks to measure performance, and ways of dealing with financial stress.

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 Evaluating Farm Financial Performance: Introduction / (Audio)          PDF/ PPT          OSU Ratio Tool
 Evaluating Farm Financial Performance: Case Farm / (Audio)          PDF/ PPT
 Evaluating Farm Financial Performance: Drill Purchase / (Audio)          PDF/ PPT
 Evaluating Farm Financial Performance: Dealing with Financial Stress / (Audio)          PDF/ PPT
 Case discussion


OSU Publications

  • Financial Stress Testing webinar (This material is based upon work supported by USDA/NIFA and the Southern Extension Risk Management Education Center.)
  • Farm Finance Forecast webinar
  • Evaluating Financial Performance and Position
  • Farm and Ranch Financial Trends Worksheet
  • Farm and Ranch Stress Test
  • Quicken for Farm and Ranch Financial Records
  • Evaluating Options for Change
  • Taking Charge in Stressful Times
  • Farm Family Decision-Making
  • Coping with Restructuring or Loss of the Farm
  • Negotiation Strategies
  • Other Publications

  • Farm Financial Ratios and Guidelines
  • Websites

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