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Farm Records

In the Farm Records video, uses of records in planning, communication, business analysis and taxes is discussed. The Farm Recordkeeping Tools segment discusses the need to identify features required, describes financial recordkeeping alternatives, their advantages and disadvantages and points to publications cataloging production recordkeeping tools. Requirements for FSA programs and the importance of up to date records are discussed in the final video.

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 Farm Records / (Audio)          PDF/ PPT
 Farm Recordkeeping Tools / (Audio)          PDF/ PPT
 Record Requirements for FSA  Programs / (Audio)          PDF/ PPT
 Quicken vs. QuickBooks / (Audio)
 Case discussion


OSU Publications

  • Quicken 2018 Update webinar
  • From Cash Records to Cost of Production
  • Oklahoma Farm and Ranch Account Book
  • Organizing Household Records
  • Quicken for Farm and Ranch Financial Records
  • Quicken or QuickBooks: What’s the Best Choice for Agricultural Producers?
  • The Oklahoma Farm Family Account Book
  • Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Information Systems for Oklahoma Farmers
  • Farm Labor Handbook
  • Planning for the Future
  • Adapting Quicken for Farm Management
  • Cow Calf Production Recordkeeping Software
  • Crop and Forage Recordkeeping Software
  • Recordkeeping for Horse Breeding Activities
  • Pesticide Recordkeeping Requirements for Crop Production
  • Farm/Ranch Benchmarking webinar (This material is based upon work supported by USDA/NIFA and the Southern Extension Risk Management Education Center.)
  • USDA Program Recordkeeping Requirements
  • FSA Publications

  • Farm Service Agency Program Fact Sheets
  • Snapshot of FSA Programs and Requirements
  • Average Adjusted Gross Income information
  • FSA-2002 Three-Year Financial History
  • FSA-2003 Three-Year Production History
  • Other Publications

  • Farmer’s Tax Guide, Publication 225
  • Websites

  • Oklahoma Farm Service Agency Website
  • Review Credit Reports
  • Federal Trade Commission
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