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Ag Econ Extension by Program

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Agribusiness and Cooperative Management

*   Bill Fitzwater Cooperative Center Philip Kenkel

Broadband Access and Effective Use


Community and Economic Development

*   Broadband Access and Effective Use Brian Whitacre
*   County Training Program Notie LansfordJudy RudinSherri Schieffer
*   Econ Conditions and Trends Dave Shideler
*   Econ Impact Analysis Dave Shideler
*   Initiative for the Future of Rural Oklahoma Joe WilliamsMike Woods
*   McCurtain County GIS Development
*   Retail Trade Analysis Dave Shideler
*   Solid Waste Management Gerald DoeksenBrian Whitacre
*   Strategic Planning Rodney JonesDave Shideler
*   Sustainable Communities Dave Shideler


*   OSU Ag Econ Databank

Farm Management, Finance, Legal

*   Annie's Project Damona DoyeJ.C. HobbsJames "JJ" Jones
*   Enterprise Budgets Damona DoyeJames "JJ" JonesRodney Jones
Trent MilacekRoger Sahs
*   Farm and Business Tax Institutes J.C. Hobbs
*   Farm and Ranch Account Book Damona DoyeMike Hardin
*   Farm Financial Management Resources Eric DeVuystJ.C. HobbsJames "JJ" Jones
Rodney JonesTrent Milacek
*   Farm Transitions Damona DoyeShannon FerrellJ.C. Hobbs
James "JJ" JonesRodney JonesTrent Milacek
*   IFMAPS Damona DoyeJ.C. HobbsJames "JJ" Jones
Trent MilacekRoger Sahs
*   Master Cattleman Program Damona DoyeJames "JJ" JonesTrent Milacek, David Lalman
*   Oklahoma Land Values Damona DoyeDarrel KletkeNotie Lansford
Roger Sahs
*   Quicken for Farm Financial Records Scott ClawsonJames "JJ" JonesTrent Milacek
*   Women in Ag and Small Business Conferences Damona Doye


*   Beef Extension Eric DeVuystDamona DoyeDerrell Peel
Kellie RaperClem Ward
*   Beef Industry Conference Derrell PeelKellie RaperClem Ward, David Lalman, Chris Richards
*   Fed Cattle Market Simulator Derrell PeelKellie RaperClem Ward
*   Livestock Market Comments Derrell Peel
*   Marketing and Risk Management Kim AndersonJames "JJ" JonesRodney Jones
Trent Milacek
*   Pricing and Price Discovery Issues Clem Ward
*   Production Marketing Interrelationships Clem Ward
*   Structural Changes in Meatpacking Clem Ward

Public Policy

*   Ag Policy Wrap-Up Larry Sanders
*   Disaster Education and Assistance Team Derrell Peel
*   International Symposium on Conservation Tillage Larry Sanders
*   Managing Change in Agriculture Larry Sanders