Department of Agricultural Economics Extension

Natural Resources

Agricultural economists specializing in natural resources study problems related to land use, water conservation, energy, wildlife management, outdoor recreation and environmental regulations. Materials developed by agricultural economists at OSU are intended to be factual and objective. Links to these materials in the dropdown menu bar are provided for several long-term projects, including water conservation, energy and environmental policy. The public can also search for informational bulletins and fact sheets by clicking here.

Agricultural economists are always available to help you or your organization make more informed decisions related to agricultural or natural resource problems. The following extension economists are ready to help with any question—no matter how big or small—related to natural resources:

  • Dr. Shannon Ferrell
  • Dr. Max Melstrom
  • Dr. Larry Sanders
  • Our mission is to encourage the highest valued use of natural resources and raise the sustainable wellbeing of people. Please reach out to one of us or our colleagues if you think we can help.

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