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Promoting GIS Knowledge and Use by the Public Sector in Rural Oklahoma: A Pilot Project

Now Available for Download

Geospatial Datasets for McCurtain County, Oklahoma

The list is by no means complete or static. It is continually updated as new and revised datasets become available.

These datasets are mostly supplied by Robert Rowley and derived from those published in the internet by national, state, and local government agencies.

These sites include the following: Center for Spatial Analysis at the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Center for Geospatial Information at Oklahoma State University, USDA Geospatial Data Gateway, the USGS National Map Seamless Server, U.S. Census Bureau, Geospatial One Stop, and National Atlas.

Software to view and manipulate GIS data
 ArcGIS is preferred. MapWinGIS is also highly recommended. It can do many GIS functions such as data manipulation and analysis. Besides, it’s totally free!

For questions about data content please contact the data originator or source (See the metadata). Questions about downloading, opening, or processing of data may be forwarded to
Al Tongco.

Disclaimer:  McCurtain County or Oklahoma State University assumes no responsibility for the veracity, accuracy, or completeness of the published data, except those data that are originally created and produced by the said county or university.