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Promoting GIS Knowledge and Use by the Public Sector in Rural Oklahoma: A Pilot Project

Project Overview:

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are becoming increasingly important across nearly all industries, but can be particularly useful for those in the public sector. For example, being able to map the location of residents in a flood zone is important for individuals involved in emergency planning; looking at the location of all delinquent taxpayers can be helpful to the tax assessor; and viewing the location of available power utilities, transportation routes, and land topology is beneficial to the local industrial authority. However, very few rural counties in Oklahoma have public sector employees with enough knowledge of GIS to use it in their specific job. This project will address that gap by developing GIS training tutorials and providing hands-on GIS training via an easy-to-use (and free) GIS tool in McCurtain County. Each tutorial will be tailored to specific tasks of interest to a particular entity, such as the ones listed above.
Program Contributors:

Brian Whitacre, State Specialist
Al Tongco, GIS Research Specialist
Brad Bain, McCurtain County CED
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Mcurtain County Final Project Overview: McCurtain County GIS Pilot Project.
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Courtesy of Charity O’Donnell