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The graduate program in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Oklahoma State University stresses the development of superior professional competence suited to the demands of the modern business, academic, government, and research environments.

Advanced courses concentrate on economic analysis applied to problems of production, distribution, and consumption of agricultural products. Problems of agricultural policy, natural resource use, and rural area development and planning are also important topics. The faculty gives direction and individual guidance to student research in marketing, production, management of agricultural enterprises, price analysis, land and water use and development, rural development and planning, agricultural finance, international trade, farm appraisal, and agricultural policy. For more specific information on research focus areas, visit our Research page.

The Department of Agricultural Economics awards a number of research and teaching assistantships each year. Stipends for these assistantships are reviewed annually and adjusted as needed. Stipend rates are competitive with those of other outstanding agricultural economics departments. Students who are sufficiently employed as teaching or research assistants and are sufficiently enrolled are eligible for tuition waivers. For more information on assistantships, see the Graduate Handbook

At the February 2020 Southern Agricultural Economics meeting, two of the three Emerging Scholar Award winners are Oklahoma State graduates: Nathan Thompson of Purdue and Clint Neill of Virginia Tech.

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