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Note:Next Boot Camp October 18-20, 2021.

Registration is now open. Just download the registration form, fill it out and send it back with payment.

Oklahoma Meat Goat Buck Test
Buck Test Rules
Buck Test Nomination Form
Buck Test Nomination Form

Goat Kidding Record Keeping Software
OSU has developed an Excel spreadsheet that can help goat producers keep up with goat kidding, weaning and adjusted weaning weight records. Click here for more information.

The Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service offers a variety of meat goat educational programs and materials to meat goat producers in Oklahoma and across the United States.

The current educational programs and materials are listed below.

Oklahoma Basic Meat Goat Manual

The Oklahoma Basic Meat Goat Manual is a basic meat goat production manual for new producers as well as producers that have raised meat goats for years. The manual consists of fifteen chapters that cover breeds of meat goats, fencing, housing, corrals, meat goat selection, bucks and breeding, kidding, nutrition, forages, herd health, marketing, predator control, general herd management, and record keeping.

You can get a copy of the manual 1 of 3 ways
1.If you live in Oklahoma you can go by your county's OSU extension office and pick one up.

2.You can download the Manual Order Form, fill it out and mail it to the address on the form and a manual will be mailed to you.

3.Click here to access all the chapters in PDF form.

For questions or more information about the goat manual, contact
JJ Jones.

Oklahoma Meat Goat Boot Camp

The Oklahoma Meat Goat Boot Camp is a three day camp that uses the combination of classroom exercises and hands-on instructions about the different production practices involved in a meat goat operation.

Production practices include but are not limited to ear tagging, castrating, tatooing, hoof trimming, electric fence building, forage testing, forage production, farm business planning, nutrition, ration balancing, FAMACHA, determining fecal egg counts, herd health practices, kidding, neonatal care, reproduction and pregnancy determination using ultra sound. Class size is small to facilitate teacher-participant interaction. Participants are also allowed to take extra time if needed with the hands-on exercises.

There is a registration fee of $200 per person and the participants are responsible for their rooming arrangements and meals not provided during the camp.

Click here for more information about the Meat Goat Boot Camp and details on how to register for the next camp.