Department of Agricultural Economics Extension

Oklahoma Agricultural Land Values
Three-Year Weighted Average

Table and chart average values for each county by year are weighted based on the number of annual sales during a three year period. This statistical procedure allows improved reliability when analyzing land value patterns at the county level. For example, 2015, 2016 and 2017 sales data are used to calculate the average land value listed for 2016. This also means that three years of sales data are included in calculating the average parcel size. To estimate the approximate number of sales that occurred in any year, take the number of sales shown in the table and divide by three.

Corresponding three-year weighted average values for the region and the state are also included in each table and chart. County comparisons to regional and state information illustrate the relative strength or weakness of local agricultural land markets. Only tracts 40 acres in size or larger selling up to $3,000 per acre through 2007 and up to $6000 since 2008 are included

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