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A major in agricultural economics or agribusiness will help you develop the business and economics skills you need to be a leader in agriculture, or in many other related industries. The study of agricultural economics or agribusiness applies business methods and economic principles to solve real-world problems in the production, distribution, and consumption of agricultural goods and services. Graduates enter challenging careers in business management, finance, marketing, policy analysis and development, farm or ranch management, resource management, environmental management, rural development, and community development.

  • Agribusiness Major
    • Agricultural Communications Double Major
    • Crop and Soil Sciences Option
    • Farm and Ranch Management Option
    • Finance Option
    • International Option
    • Management Option
    • Marketing Option
    • Pre-law Option
    • Pre-veterinary Business Management Option

  • Agricultural Economics Major
    • Accounting Double Major
    • Community and Regional Analysis Specialization
    • Natural Resources Specialization
    • Quantitative Studies Specialization

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    Dr. R. Joe Schatzer
    Undergraduate Coordinator
    420 Ag Hall
    Stillwater, OK 74078, U.S.A.
    Phone: (405) 744-6181
    Fax: 405.744.8210