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Why should you major in Agricultural Economics or Agribusiness?
A major in agricultural economics or agribusiness will help you develop the business and economics skills you need to be a leader in agriculture, or in many other related industries. The study of agricultural economics or agribusiness applies business methods and economic principles to solve real-world problems in the production, distribution, and consumption of agricultural goods and services. Graduates enter challenging careers in business management, finance, marketing, policy analysis and development, farm or ranch management, resource management, environmental management, rural development, and community development.

Are you considering a major in Agricultural Economics at Oklahoma State University?
OSU Ag Econ boasts:

  • More than 350 undergrad students in the department
  • Nearly $100,000 given away each year in scholarships
  • The Department of Agricultural Economics has been home to 5 Truman Scholars, as well as numerous top ten seniors and top ten freshmen.

"I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated my experience in the Agricultural Economics department at OSU. I am thankful to have been a part of the AGEC family where the faculty and staff continue to invest in the future of their students. Within the department I was able to develop mentors, network with industry professionals, make lifelong friends, get involved in serving our college, as well as obtain a first rate education learning through real world examples and hands on experiences."

Haley Baumgardner
Agribusiness, Marketing option, '12

"My experience in the Agricultural Economics department at Oklahoma State prepared me by applying concepts learned in class to real-life examples which helped students learn to recognize economic problems and apply classroom information to solve them. Every professor in the department made a real effort to insure their students succeed in the classroom and professionally after graduation"

Justin Anderson
Agribusiness, Pre-Law option,'04
M.S. Agricultural Economics, expected '14

"I have been interested in economics since high school, but here in the CASNR Agricultural Economics department my interest has grown into a passion. The courses have taught me relevant skills for the real world, and the faculty is second to none. I can honestly say I have never felt more challenged, yet more at home, than in this department.

Ashton Mese
Agribusiness, Agricultural Communications, expected '14

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