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Agribusiness Major

    The student choosing the Agribusiness major takes many agricultural economics, economics, and business courses to obtain the skills needed to work as an employee of an agribusiness firm (financial aid information). Students also take several production agriculture courses. The Agribusiness major prepares students to take jobs in all areas of the food and fiber sector. Employment opportunities include jobs with farms, agricultural advisors, processing firms, wholesalers and retailers of food and fiber products, farm input supply firms, insurance firms, utilities, and educational institutions. By selecting the right electives, the Agribusiness major can minor in one or more areas. These areas include the specific business areas in the College of Business Administration or Agricultural Economics.



Agribusiness Major Options

    *  Crop and Soil Sciences Option

    *  Farm and Ranch Management Option

    *  Finance Option

    *  Management Option

    *  Marketing Option
    *  Pre-Law Option
    *  Pre-Veterinary Business Management Option