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In addition to this website, we have two Facebook pages, one on composting and one on living sustainably in Oklahoma. Please “Like” both and learn about what’s going on in the state and around the country related to recycling, composting, reusing food and yard waste, and other current topics. Here are the links: and There is information about grants, fun projects, contests, as well as information you send us that would be of interest to others in the state. You may note that both sites have information particularly pertinent to Native Americans and to rural areas. Those are groups we are especially here to serve. Please send relevant information that you would like to see posted to

Save the Date

SWANA Symposium 2016
For more information about the Symposium, please follow this link:

SWANA Golf Tournament
For more information about the Golf Tournament, please follow this link: GolfTournamentFlyer2016

Grants and Opportunities

  • April 7 & 8 – Finding Center (Conference on Sustainable Living), FREE, Stillwater.(

  • April 20 – Environmental Expo, FREE, Tulsa. (

  • April 28 – ScienceFest, FREE, OKC Zoo. (

  • April 29 – Cherokee Environmental Festival, FREE, Tahlequah. (

  • Current - Oklahoma Green Schools Action Project Grants. (

  • Current - Grants to Improve Access to Residential Curbside Recycling Systems (

  • Current – Keep Oklahoma Beautiful has P&K Lawn Equipment Grants Available (

  • Solid Waste Management Resource Trunks

    Now available for loan to K-12 Educators

    Solid Waste Management Trunk Resources Application

    • Aluminum Recycling Educational Resources
    • Kindergarten to 6th Environmental Education and Awareness
    • Close the Loop--Recycled Products and Information
    • Composting and Waste Free Lunch Activities

      • Solid Waste Management Resource Trunks are funded by a grant provided to
        Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service by U. S. Department of Agriculture,
        Rural Development, and co-sponsored by the Oklahoma Recycling Association

        Individuals Reduce Waste with Freecycle!

        Re-using products is one the most effective things you can do to reduce your impact. Freecycle is an online community of folks nationwide who share unwanted products with others, diverting tons of waste from landfills.
        The only rule - everything has to be free.

         Visit their site to find local Freecycling groups near you.

        Businesses & Industry Reduce Waste with RENEW!

        Oklahoma is now a member of the Resource Exchange for Eliminating Waste (RENEW).  This tool is designed to allow business, industrial or manufacturing facilities to exchange materials that would otherwise be discarded.  Facilities that post materials can avoid disposal costs, and possibly reduce their regulatory burden. Searching available materials helps you find items for your facility at a reduced cost, often free.   Click here for the Oklahoma Materials Exchange on RENEW.