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What We Can Do

In-service "Train the Trainer" events for OSU Cooperative Extension Service Educators
  • Topics include reduce, reuse, recycle, buy recycled, composting, littering & illegal dumping.
  • Technical assistance to rural communities (populations fewer than 2,500). 
  • Oklahoma Environmental Law Enforcement Training Seminars

  • Topics include gaining expertise in solid and hazardous waste, open burning, illegal dumping, environmental crimes and identifying resources for improving local enforcement.

  • Co-sponsored with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality.
  • Solid Waste Management Resource Trunks

  • Curriculum and activities organized by topic and grade level for use by K-12 educators.
  • "Close the Loop" display features products made from recyclable materials.
  • Available for 3-week loans by educators for formal and informal settings.

    Fact Sheets on Solid Waste Management Topics

    AGEC-845 Controlling Roadside Garbage Dumping in Rural Oklahoma
    AGEC-881 Solid Waste Transfer Stations for Rural Oklahoma

    AGEC-887 Rural Community Yard Waste Composting Systems

    AGEC-888 Community Solid Waste Recycling Systems

    AGEC-894 Rural Community Convenience Centers

    BAE-1742 Vermicomposting–Composting with Worms

    BAE-1744 Backyard Composting in Oklahoma

    L-251 Don't Bag It: Mulching with Wood Chips

    L-252 Don't Bag It: Leaf Composting

    L-253 Don't Bag It: Lawn Care Plan

    MP-167 A Guidebook for Rural Solid Waste Management Services

    AGEC-1027 The Dangers of Backyard Trash Burning