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 Recycle Articles

General Recycling:

EPA Awards $130,000 Grant to Delaware Tribe for Community Outreach and Recycling Program EPA grants funds for the development of a recycling program and educational initiatives.  6/7/10

Middle School Students Receive National Recognition for their Creative “Recycling” project in Homer, Alaska Middle school students create a group to raise awareness about recycling and reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill by their school. 5/20/10

Big Retailers Set Goals for Stores Going Green Big box retailers in Oklahoma are taking steps to reduce waste and energy usage. 4/22/10

Recycling Center Opens in Moore Unmanned recycling center accepting plastic, cardboard, aluminum and paper opens in Moore. 2/17/10

Recycling Processes How paper, glass, aluminum, steel and plastic is recycled. 2/17/10

New Edmond Recycling Program Opens Today Recycling transfer station in Edmond moves to its new location at the Customer Convenience Center, which allows improved customer service and accessibility. 1/13/10

San Francisco to Toughen a Strict Recycling Law  New law in San Francisco that provides for mandatory recycling and levies fines for those not following the law. 6/10/09

The Global Face of Recycling How different countries around the world recycle. 6/1/09

Recycling Fees May Rise as Demand, Prices Drop Impact of the economic recession on the recycling industry and prices for recycled materials. 12/1/08

Residents Reap Rewards for Recycling Program in several states that gives residents points based on the number of pounds they recycle and provides gift certificates for points. 7/9/08

In Economic Terms, Recycling Almost Pays Explains the economic impact of recycling versus traditional waste disposal. 5/29/08

Recycling: The Big Picture Discusses the profitability of recycling and what is recycled in the US. 1/08


EPA Highlights Recycling Opportunities During National Cell Phone Recycling Week Different opportunities to recycle cell phones. 4/01/10

Electronic Waste is a Fast Growing Problem Explains what e-waste is and why it is increasing; provides information on what to do with used electronics. 12/11/09

RadioShack Announces E-Waste Program Program sponsored by RadioShack that allows customers to exchange certain used electronics for a store gift card. 10/28/08

EPA Files Legal Action against Exporter of e-Waste following Toxic Trade Watchdog Investigation Action by the EPA against the illegal export of e-waste to other countries. 6/11/09


Alcoa Donates Recycling Bins to Oklahoma Recycling Association Bins were donated to OKRA to encourage the recycling of aluminum cans; they are distributed free. 4/20/10


Recycling by the Numbers Plastic Recycling and a plastic recycling code cheat sheet. 8/1/09

AERT Commences Operation of Green Age Recycling Facility in Watts, Oklahoma Opening of a new plastics recycling facility in Oklahoma. 9/22/08

Colorful, Stylish Furniture Made From HDPE Closes the Plastic Recycling Loop Furniture is made from plastic lumber created from recycled plastics, such as milk and water jugs. 6/12/08


Can Starbucks Find a Way to Recycle 4 Billion Cups? Environmental summit hosted by Starbucks to find ways to make their cups recyclable. 4/26/10

NTR’s Greenstar Presents Environmental Goals to EPA Paper company emphasizes the importance of recycling paper by voluntarily agreeing to a 10% reduction in greenhouse emissions in all 15 of their plants through recycling and other changes. 12/3/09


The Grass is Greener at Harvard Provides an overview of the organic grass grown at Harvard University and its effect on the grass. 9/24/2009

Urban Composting: A New Can of Worms Overview of a workshop held in New York City explaining how to vermicompost in an urban environment. 2/19/2009

One Country’s Table Scraps, Another Country’s Meal Explains the issue of food waste and provides solutions to the problem. 5/18/08

Fall Leaves can be Valuable to your Garden Explains ways to use leaves in gardening including composting. 10/11/07