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Composting Regulations
U.S. Composting Facilities Regulations: Federal rules dealing with composting biosolids.
State-By-State Summary of Permits: A synopsis of composting facilities requirements on a state-by-state basis.
Getting Started with Worm Composting.
 Simple Home Vermicomposting System: Instructions on how to begin and construct a worm bin. Answers to frequently asked questions about vermicomposting, and information on how to acquire redworms.  
EPA Composting Regulations
City Farmer: Describes how to create and maintain a worm bin in your home or office.
Additional Links & References
Cornell Composting.
Test Methods for the Examination of Composting & Compost (TMECC): Standards for compost manufacturers.
Don't Bag It: An excellent resource for those interested in small-scale composting projects. Don't Bag It - Compost It!
Yard Waste Composting Systems.
Soil, Compost and Mulch Forum: This interactive site embraces discussion about soil that address topics like compost and mulch.
Recycling and Environmental Action Planning Society: Issues in waste reduction through composting.
Composting Yard Trimmings and Municipal Solid Waste: An EPA Guide.
Composting Council of Canada.
U.S. Composting Council: Provides composting maintenance info for effective techniques & methods.
Solid Waste Association of North America.