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 Recycle Links

General Information:

· Recyclers by County.

·         America Recycles Day National Recycling Coalition.

·         How to Recycle Anything An A-Z guide of what can be tossed into which bin. 

·         The Internet Consumer Recycling Guide Various links to excellent recycling sites.

·         Roscoes Recycle Room Fun, games, recycling facts and educational activities for kids.

·         Old Junk Car Art from Junk: Recyled Craft ideas for all ages.

·         Global Resource Network Find commodity prices on recyclable goods and many other interesting facts

·         Recycling WebDirectoryCollection of links to helpful recycling sites.

·         Oklahoma Recycling Association OKRA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to support communities, governments, and individuals in recycling. They provide a forum for networking, encourage local end-markets, and work to create a unified voice for Oklahoma Recyclers.

·         Arkansas Recycling Coalition The ARC unites large and small companies, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and individuals in a common effort to promote reduce, reuse, and recycling education and programs.

·         Recycling Today Magazine Magazine covering everything relating to recycling.


·         Waste Reduction Partners A volunteer group of retired engineers, architects, and scientists.

·         Bureau of International Recycling The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) is the only global recycling industry association representing more than 700 companies and 40 affiliated federations from 70 different countries. Its members are world leaders in the supply of raw materials and a key pillar for sustainable economic development.

·         Restaurant Guide to Green Restaurants in Oklahoma City Highlights several restaurants in the metro area that have taken steps to reduce waste and environmental impacts.

·         Department of Central Services Tips for recycling a variety of products.


Curbside Recycling Programs Oklahoma:

·         City of Oklahoma City Curbside Recycling What is accepted in OKC.

·         City of Tulsa Curbside Recycling What is accepted in Tulsa.

·         City of Edmond Curbside Recycling Collection What is accepted in Edmond.

·         City of Norman Curbside Recycling Service Area Regulations and service map for the city of Norman.

·         City of Mustang Curbside Recycling Collection What is accepted in Mustang.   

          Tahlequah Recycling Inc. Private curbside subscription service.



·         Common Wastes and Materials: Aluminum Facts about aluminum and information on the aluminum recycling process.

·         The Aluminum Association Information on aluminum recycling.

·         Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries ISRI is the voice of the scrap recycling industry, an association of companies that process, broker, and consume scrap commodities.

·         Alcoa Recycling Company Alcoa Recycling Company was formed to share this important story with you, the consumer. We were set up in 1978 as the popularity of aluminum beverage cans began to explode. Our mission was to help the public understand how important it is to recycle, and to make it easier to do so.


Electronic Recycling

·         EPA Information for Computer Recycling Web resources to locate information on computer reuse and recycling.

·         EPA Recycling Old Computers How to donate, sell to a scrap dealer, and proper disposal of computers.

·         PC Power Inc Recycling computers empowering minds.

·         Computer Equipment Recycling Contact information for recycling computer equipment

·         Computers for schools Application for computers for your school.

·         The National Cristina Foundation Donations used to help people with disabilities, students at risk, and economically disadvantaged people.

·         Computer Recycling Newsletter Newsletter covering computer recycling.

·         Recycling Resources for Appliances and other Kitchen Items Information on recycling appliances, including refrigerators and freezers.



·         City of Oklahoma City Tips for composting yard waste.

·         DEQ: LAND Composting Fact Sheet.

·      Plastics:

·         Plastics: Common Wastes and Materials Overview of plastic recycling.

·         Recycling Plastic: Complications and Limitations Complications and limitations of recycling plastic and what the number codes mean.


·         Paper Recycling Fact sheet about paper recycling. Provided by EPA.

·         Paper Recycling Overview of the paper recycling process. Provided by Green Student U.

·          Mobile Document Shredding and Recycling in Oklahoma

·         Paper Retriever Paper Retriever collects and recycles used paper and donates the proceeds to local charities.