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Holiday Waste

Reduction Tips
* Give consumable gifts;
* Use reusable packaging for wrapping;
* Sell or give away unused gifts from previous years;
* Give environmentally educational toys and books;
* Choose gifts that do not have lots of waste packaging;
* Recycle packaging;
* Buy items with recycled content;
* Give composting kits/equipment as gifts.
* Use live trees that can be planted after Christmas;
* Use Oklahoma cedars that need to be cut to clear land;
* Take old, dry, cut trees to recycling center for chipping;
* Use natural decorations;
* Compost natural decorations;
* Make decorations from previous years cards.
* Organize a waste free party;
* Recycle party beverage containers;
* Use washable dishes and utensils;
* Compost food scraps.
* Send electronic holiday cards;
* Recycle paper greeting card envelopes.
Low Impact Y2Kristmas (Read the detailed .doc file)
Americans produce and extra 5 million tons of waste between Thanksgiving and New Year's alone, and with the holiday season just around the corner, now would be a good time to start thinking about how to reduce waste during this time of year. From the ULS Report, here are some helpful hints that outline how to enjoy the holidays without producing so much waste.
 Think conservation, not consumption:
* Have the children make their own tree ornaments out of items lying around the house, instead of buying new ones. 
* Rent party supplies instead of buying them. 
* Plan your meals wisely and practice portion control.
 Focus on energy savings:
* Put Christmas lights on a timer, use small bulbs that consume less energy & produce less heat.
* Turn down the heat before guests arrive and let the body heat warm the house.
* Walk to neighborhood parties or carpool.
* Use fast film in your camera. It reduces the use of the flash and saves on batteries.
* Give rechargeable batteries with electronic gifts and toys.
* Turn the oven off a few minutes before your food is cooked and let the heat already in the oven finish the job.
 Give the gift of time:
* Gifts of time are cheap, are made with love and generally touch people more than material gifts.

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