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Reuse -Links

General Information

·                    Instructables Different Craft Projects to Make out of Common Household Items.

·             Habitat Restore Directory Locations to donate to Habitat for Humanity.

·             Goodwill Locations of Goodwill stores in Oklahoma accepting donations.

·             Computers for Youth (CfY)  Distributes used computers to students of low-income families.

·             Computers with Causes Donating your old or new computer, laptop or other computer equipment is extremely simple. Your OK Computer Donation is completely tax deductible and will make an amazing difference to the causes we support throughout Oklahoma and the United States.

·             Consumer E-Cycling in Oklahoma Resources for e-cycling in Oklahoma.


·             The Freecycle Network Locate the group that is geographically closest to you and register through Yahoo! Groups to     view or post listings.

·             ThrowPlace In addition to re-use opportunities for individuals, ThrowPlace provides a way for businesses and individuals to donate directly to qualified domestic and international charities.

·             Book Mooch Get points for listing books and giving them away; use those points to receive books from other members.

·             Craigslist Craigslist is the largest online classified site. It includes a free section for reusable items that registered users want to give away. Locate the appropriate city or state category, select the “free” subcategory and start browsing.

·                 Gigoit This site, whose name is a take-off of GIGO (garbage-in, garbage-out), has a geographically-based listings search filter that is tied to a specific radius from a designated zip code.

·             U-Haul Box Exchange After you move, give (or sell) your boxes to someone else.

·             Eco Bees EcoBees is a movement of people who are giving, receiving, swapping & sharing stuff for free in their own towns and cities. Membership is free.

·             Reuse Development Organization This site is a partnership that was created to fill an informational void on the topic of reuse. Their goal is to promote reuse as an environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economical means for managing surplus and discarded materials.

·             Oklahoma Materials Exchange This tool is designed to help facilities in EPA Region 6 (AR, NM, OK, LA and TX) exchange materials that would otherwise be disposed. RENEW allows you to see materials available at a facility, or post your own materials.